Adopting a Family

Each year, over 60 percent of our Christmas Connection families are adopted by members of the community. This is an excellent opportunity for families, offices, and clubs to participate!

To adopt, complete the adoption request form, and our Adoption team will assign you a family that meets your specifications. You will receive details about the family/individual, including their wish list. We ask that you fulfill the request as much as your budget permits.

We encourage groups, teams, and businesses to adopt a medium to large-size family.

How Does It Work?

Complete and submit an electronic request to Adopt a Family. You may indicate the desired size of the family, and any special request such as small children, elderly, disabled, etc. on your submission form.

You may also indicate whether you wish to deliver the gifts to the family or would prefer to bring them to the Christmas Connection site. All cases are not available for direct delivery. After you submit your adoption request, our Adoption Team will review your submission and match you with a family/individual that aligns as closely with your requested specifications as possible. You will be sent contact information and the wish list for your adopted family/individual via email. Once you have shopped for your family, you will either deliver the gifts to the family or bring the gifts to the Christmas Connection site for delivery by the social workers.

Gifts that are not being delivered directly to the families/individuals must be brought to the Christmas Connection site by December 11, 2023.

Direct Delivery

You may request a family you can deliver to directly, however not all families are eligible for direct delivery. This determination is made by the social worker and cannot be changed. Deliveries that are approved for direct delivery should be coordinated with your family and made no later than December 19, 2023. Upon completion of your delivery, please notify Christmas Connection that the delivery has been completed by using our contact form or by calling (850) 665-3852.

Change of Plans

If, for some reason, you cannot follow through with either the adoption or the delivery, please notify us as soon as possible prior to December 15, 2023. Our site closes on December 20, 2023, and we will not be able to provide assistance after that point.

Adoption Signups

Adoption signups are OPEN for the 2023 holiday season. Click the button below to be directed to the adoption request form.

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