Help us bring the spirit of the season to those who need it most by adopting a family!

In 2019, over 270 of our families were adopted by individuals, groups, organizations, or other families in the community. Adopting a family means you agree to provide children's gift items and other critical needs, such as food, toiletries, and blankets. You can choose the size of the family you wish to adopt and whether you'd like to deliver the gifts yourself or have Christmas Connection deliver them for you. 

Adopting a family is fun and easy - and it's a great way to make a difference!


The Wish List

This year the family's wish list includes gifts for children age 17 and under, and other critical items such as food, toiletries, blankets or diapers.  There may be other essential items that are needed that are listed as well.  Please fulfil the requests to the best of your financial ability.  If there is an essential item that you are unable to fill please message us with that information and we will do our best to assist.  


You are welcome and encouraged to do more if your budget permits.  Gift cards would be a great way of letting the family know how much you care.  Gift cards for groceries, clothing and houseware items would be greatly appreciated.  


Groups, teams and businesses are strongly encouraged to adopt a medium (4-5) to large size family (6 and over).

How Does It Work?

To adopt a family complete the form below, and choose the size of the family and whether you want to deliver the gifts.  We will also do our best to match any special requests. (family with young children, senior citizen, someone in your hometown, etc.)   Once your request is matched you will receive an email from us containing family contact information, referring social worker information, a description of the family situation, the familiy's critical needs and a personalized wish list for the children age 17 and under.  

Next, you can have some fun by shopping, wrapping and boxing the gifts for the family.  Finally, you contact the family and deliver the boxes to the family on a mutually agreeable date, or just bring the boxes to the Christmas Connection site and we will make the delivery.  All boxed gifts are due back to the Christmas Connection site no later than December 12, 2020.


The social service agencies who refer families to Christmas Connection determine whether an adopter can deliver to the family. This determination is based on a variety of factors such as family preference, location, and safety.  If you indicate on the adoption form below that you wish to make the delivery,  you will be match with an appropriate family where delivery is allowed.  


Delivery time and place sould be coordinated with your family early, and the delivery must be made by December 21, 2020.  Upon completion of your delivery, please notify Christmas Connection that the delivery has been made by messaging us using the contact form on the website.


If you do not wish to deliver directly to the family you will be matched with a family whose gifts must be delivered to the Christmas Connection site and the social worker will then deliver the gifts.   These gifts must be delivered to the site by December 12, 2020.


As a safety precaution, please wear a mask and maintain social distancing guidelines when interacting with families, social workers or Christmas Connection volunteers.  Please do not enter the homes of your adopted family.  



Change of Plans

If for some reason you cannot follow through with either the adoption or the delivery, please notify us just as soon as possible, but prior to December 18, 2020.  Our site closes on December 21, 2020 and we will not be able to help after that point. 

Contact Info

NOVEMBER 23, 2020.

For more information, contact Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida in Tallahassee.
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